Applying Wall Stickers & Decals Step By Step 0

Here at They'll Love It, we have a huge range of wall art stickers & decals. All of our stickers are made to order ensuring they are the perfect size for your wall. Take a look at our easy to follow instruction guide:
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51 Shocking Vintage Adverts That Would Get Banned Today 0

For your shock, horror and maybe in some cases, amusement, we have put together this collection of 51 examples of shocking vintage adverts that in modern times would be banned out of sight. There are some very sexist vintage ads, a few incredibly racist ones and others which demonstrate the utter naivety when it came to cigarettes and drinks.

Hang Pictures & Art Outdoors? Yes, Hang it in the Garden! 1

Have you ever wanted to hang wall art outdoors in the garden, patio, yard or some other space? Well now you can! This article discusses outdoor wall art and what you can do. You may have noticed that in recent years, modern homes seem to be getting smaller and smaller. That is why a growing number of people are looking at various ways of extending their living space out into the garden by creating spaces that could almost be considered outdoor rooms.

Scarface Movie - A Long Look at an Iconic Movie 0

If someone was to ask you to name a famous movie from the gangster or crime genre, then there is a very strong possibility that you might opt for Scarface. This violent piece of cinema history has become an iconic film of our time despite opening to very negative critical (and public) response when it was first released. It is actually a reboot of an old 1930’s picture of the same name although there has been some major alterations in terms of the characters, the setting and the plot! The film follows Tony Montana, a character largely believed to be based on real life gangster Al Capone.

Dog Day Afternoon - A Top, Top Movie! 0

If you’re a big Al Pacino fan then one movie that you will have almost certainly seen is “Scarface” which tells the story of Cuban drug lord “Tony Montana”. As with many Pacino films it ends in bloodshed (and there is bloodshed throughout it has to be said) but it is a classic and if it teaches you one thing it is that crime doesn’t really pay. One lesser-know Al Pacino movie is “Dog Day Afternoon” and for me it is a better film than Scarface.
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UPDATED! 124 Amazing Banksy Graffiti Artworks With Locations 0

Banksy is without doubt the world’s most famous and celebrated graffiti artist. To some, his works of art are poignant, thought-provoking, ironic and humorous. To others, it is just plain vandalism. Whichever side of the fence you are on, there can be no doubt that he is a very talented and clever artist and conveys his views in a way that many of us could not manage to do. I have put together here a list of the best Banksy graffiti art and street art pieces, with as many as possible showing the various locations of his artworks and with Google “Street Map” views where applicable. So here goes….