A tour of the East Coast of England in August 2021 reveals a collection of new Banksy Pieces. Poking fun after the COVID19 pandemic, stay-cations have become the new holiday for most brits and Banksy combines this along with political messages to create multiple of pieces of art dotted around the area, all confirmed to be his work in a short video on his Instagram. You can watch it here

The video shows an old style camper van driving around the East Coast in a small seaside town revealing his pieces one by one surrounded by people getting on with their day oblivious to the fact Banksy himself is there, creating historic art.

A new Banksy artwork also sparks conversation on social media and brings tourism to the areas so as you can imagine the surprise to 8 new pieces! Some smaller than others but all with a powerful message in Banksy's usual distinctive style.

Here you can learn more about each of the new 'Spraycation' pieces from our popular blog post. It is also kept up to date with the latest news on each pieces.  Read the full post here: 

Banksy The Great British Spraycation - North Beach Lowestoft

A tour of the East Coast of England reveals a collection of new Banksy Pieces. Poking fun after the COVID 19 pandemic, stay cations have become the new holiday for most brits and Banksy combines this along with political messages to create his art.

This iconic piece from the collection features a rat (another common image in Banksy's work) enjoying his 'staycation'. This piece appear at the bottom of Links Hill at North Beach Lowestoft.

Banksy Great British Spraycation Canvas Print or Poster

Banksy Luxury Rentals Only - Cromer, Norfolk

Cromer is famous for crabs so maybe this is what inspired this piece. The council encourages people to come and see the piece before the sea naturally washes it away and has recently decided to try and preserve the piece.

An expert has said this combines messages of homelessness, refuges and the housing market with humour.

Banksy Luxury Rentals Only Canvas Print or Poster

Banksy Swooping Seagull - Lowestoft

Displayed in Katwijk Way, Lowestoft on the side of a house on Denmark Road. A strategically placed skip filled with insulation pieces to look like chips. An expert commented that gulls are a common appearance in Banksy's work which is actually very fitting considering this piece is in a seaside town where seagulls terrorise the tourists.

Banksy Swooping Seagull Lowestoft Canvas Print or Poster

Banksy Model Village - Great Yarmouth

Painted on to a model house that staff had never seen before, it would have blended straight into the village if it hadn't been for Banksy's distinctive touch...It is now being protected by a clear box and is only on display at certain times of the day as well as being monitored by staff. There are rumours Banksy used diversion techniques such as 'customers' causing a fuss within the attraction to divert the staff's attention.

Update from Jan 2022. The model house Banksy' added to the village is going on auction and is expected to go for 'seven figures'. The model village owners have said it has been a lifesaver, giving them the best sales in Christmas and New Year as they have really been hit by the pandemic and it drew in lots of custom however they are having to sell it due to security fears. They hope that the sale will help the future of the model village and are replacing it with a replica.

Banksy Model Village Great Yarmouth Canvas Print or Poster

Banksy Amusement Arcade Crane - Gorleston, Norfolk

Since the work was confirmed as a Banksy, Great Yarmouth Borough Council has been protecting it, installing a Perspex cover and hiring security guards (similar to the other piece that appeared).

An art expert has said 'What he's done at Gorleston is to use a powerful silhouette at scale to intimidate anyone on the bench, but also to pay homage to one of the most memorial emblems of the arcade'

 Banksy Amusement Arcade Crane Canvas Print or Poster

Banksy Couple Dancing - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 

Now being preserved by a plastic cover and watched by a security guard, this piece appeared above a bus stop in the Great Yarmouth Borough Council. The painting is life size and the council are thrilled to have it as part of their town to encourage tourism.

Banksy Couple Dancing

Banksy Crowbar Girl - Lowestoft

It depicts a child holding a crowbar next to a sand castle. An expert has said it combines playfulness and light relief with something slightly menacing.

The meaning behind it is thought to reference to the student uprising in Paris 1986 in which there was a slogan - 'sous les pavés, la plague'  which means 'beneath the pavement, the beach'/ The crowbar is thought to symbolise 'a world of eviction or squatting'

Banksy Crowbar Girl

Banksy We're All in The Same Boat - Lowestoft

Banksy strikes again in Lowestoft, a coastal town in the east of the UK. This new work appears to show a child building a sandcastle next to a bit of dug-up road with the message written above it. It appeared on the 7th of August 2021

Banksy We're All In The Same Boat

Most of the pieces have been covered in protective film and watched by security. Sadly the iconic first image of the rat in the deck chair has been defaced by white paint and the council has been working hard to restore it. More recently (January 2022) a Welshman was taken to court after attempting to damage one of Banksy's other pieces, Seasons Greetings. He was angry as the piece has been sold to someone in London and he said 'It is the only thing Port Talbot has'. A temporary building had been put around the piece which the man tried to break into however the police was called and he was taken through court for the offence.