Dinosaurs are one of the coolest things you can imagine as a kid. We’ve all grown up with them and they’re always going to be interesting. What makes them so cool? They’re an ancient species of creatures and they come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. Plus they used to live on our very own planet millions and millions of years ago. You can’t get more epic than dinosaurs.

Why are dinosaurs such a dream monster for children? They’re huge, dangerous and real. But they’re also safe because they’re extinct. If your child loves dinosaurs it’s bound to be their dream to have a dinosaur themed bedroom. The easiest way to instantly bring dinosaurs into your children’s bedrooms is with dinosaur wallpaper. With a wallpaper mural you don’t need to plaster the whole room with dinosaurs. Rather than having a repeating wallpaper pattern, you can have a statement wall with an impressively large image printed. It will really bring a dinosaur to life. Whatever size you’d like or have available, wallpaper murals printed by Canvas Art Rocks are made to your custom measurements.

Covering the walls of your kid’s bedroom with a wallpaper mural is not something you do everyday, and it’s important to get it right. After all, dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes and levels of scariness or friendliness. Choosing the right dinosaur wallpaper is important. You don’t want to terrify your kid with a scary T-Rex if they’re fond of friendly Diplodocuses. But you also don’t want to leave your kids unimpressed if they prefer the scarier variety. Luckily we’re here to help you choose the right kind of dinosaur wallpaper to suit your kid’s needs.


  1. What’s your kid’s favourite kind of dinosaur?

It’s not unusual for humans to be fascinated by powerful animals, and if lions, tigers, bears and sharks are powerful creatures then dinosaurs are on another level. The best thing about dinosaurs is that they’re not all the same. They’re a diverse bunch. From the scary, dangerous monstrous carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor to the gentle giants such as Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. It’s not just children that dinosaurs capture the imagination of - they’re an impressive species for any age. 

T-Rex? Dippy? Or maybe they don’t have one clear favourite. We have wallpaper murals featuring all kinds of dinosaurs. If they have one or a few favourites then be sure to choose your dinosaur wallpaper mural with that type included. If there’s no clear winner that they love in particular then you can’t go wrong with a group scene like this…

Cute dinosaurs in prehistoric scene Wall Mural Wallpaper

  1. What are your kid’s favourite dinosaur stories?

If your child is most inspired by Jurassic Park then that will affect the style of dinosaur wallpaper they would love. But if your kids prefer Barney or The Flintstones then the type of dinosaur wallpaper they’d like will be very different.

If your kids are Jurassic Park fans we’d recommend trying this wallpaper mural:

dinosaur in the jungle background Wall Mural Wallpaper

  1. How old are your children?

This is an important one as dinosaurs can be friendly fun or terrifying nightmares. If your teenager loves how epic and terrifying dinosaurs are, then you’re definitely best choosing one of our scarier designs like this…

Stock Photo dinosaur Wall Mural Wallpaper

But if you have a toddler or little one who loves dinosaurs but needs to feel safe enough to sleep well at night, you’ll definitely need to choose one of our friendly cartoon style designs. If the wallpaper mural is for your kid’s bedroom then choose the one your child will be happy sleeping next to. You can always choose a different one for your living room or home office!

Dinosaurs living on the beach Wall Mural Wallpaper

4. What size is your kid’s bedroom wall?

You might worry that you don’t have enough space - or too much - for a dinosaur wallpaper mural, but that’s not an issue. All of our wallpapers are made to your own custom dimensions. So don’t worry if your wall is tiny or gigantic - we’ll print it to your own dimensions. Our wallpaper murals are also waterproof so they should stand the test of time - just like dinosaurs.


How to fix your wallpaper mural

Worried you’re not the best DIYer or decorator? There’s no need to worry at all - our dinosaur wallpaper murals are super easy to fit, and you can choose whether you’d prefer to paste the wall or the paper. An instruction guide and wallpaper paste is included and if the worst happens and you damage a panel then we’re more than happy to replace it for you.

Tempted but not sure? We can send you a free sample to touch, feel and see before ordering your final design. If you’d like to see some designs as samples these can be printed and delivered to you for a small charge - which is refunded when you order your full wallpaper mural.

  • Tyrannosaurus rex & Velociraptor (carnivore)

Scary - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/stock-photo-dinosaur-wall-mural-wallpaper

Friendly - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/dinosaur-volcano-cartoon-wall-mural-wallpaper

Scary but cartoony so not too scary - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/dinosaurs-fighting-wall-mural-wallpaper

Scary - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/dinosaur-in-the-jungle-background-wall-mural-wallpaper

Really cute family of different dinos - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/cute-dinosaurs-in-prehistoric-scene-wall-mural-wallpaper

Dino skin texture - https://www.canvasartrocks.com/products/dinosaur-skin-texture-wall-mural-wallpaper


  • Triceratops (herbivore friendly)







  • Stegosaurus (herbivore friendly)





  • Pteranodon & pterodactyl (flying)











  • Diplodocus & Apatosaurus (herbivore friendly)