Unicorns are a timeless favourite among children, teenagers and even grown-ups. We’ve all grown up with them and these mythical creatures are now as trendy as ever. The unicorn trend offers you extreme outbursts of colour that can be applied to absolutely anything. So how do you bring a bit of this unicorn magic into your house? We’ll show you how to decorate your walls and put these elegant magical creatures at the forefront without going all out with tins of paint in every colour of the rainbow.

Here at Canvas Art Rocks we offer a huge range of decorative unicorn wall art, including canvas art prints, wall stickers, and wallpaper murals. But which one is best for you? Depending how much space you have you might even want them all! Read on to find out how to make your walls magical with our variety of unicorn wall art.

    1. Unicorn Canvas Prints

    If you’re looking for some decorative unicorn art that can be moved around from time to time, our canvas prints are your best choice. Unlike stickers or murals you can take your unicorn canvas print and hang it in any room. So if you move house, your unicorn canvas can come and bring it’s magic with you. You can also experiment with hanging your unicorn canvas print in different locations, or placing it on a shelf. No matter what size your space is, we can help as all of our canvas prints come in a wide range of sizes.

    If you’re planning to display your unicorn canvas print somewhere it might get messy or damp - perhaps your kitchen, bathroom or in your children’s play area - your best solution will be the premium framed canvas print. This option has a scratch proof and water resistant finish, and our premium canvas prints are guaranteed for 75 years so can be gifted to future generations of unicorn lovers - we believe they’ll still be as trendy as ever!

    Unicorn Mosaic Canvas Print

    Unicorn Mosaic Canvas Print - From £8.00

    Unicorn Kingdom Canvas Print

    Unicorn Kingdom Canvas Print - From £8.00

    Unicorn Believe in Miracles Canvas Print

    Unicorn Believe in Miracles Canvas Print - From £8.00


    2. Unicorn Wall Decals & Stickers

    If you have an empty wall that’s just missing a unicorn then a unicorn wall sticker is your magical solution. You can make a huge statement with no hassle or effort involved. There’s no need to buy a stencil, paints, brushes and find heaps of patience. Our unicorn wall stickers are extremely easy to apply, with step-by-step fitting instructions included. Whatever size you have available, there’s a wide range of size options to choose from. And no matter what colour theme your room is, you can pick from a huge variety of colours. Unicorns are colourful by nature so why would our unicorn wall stickers be any different? Choose your favourite or let your child decide.

    Unicorn Single Colour Wall Sticker

    Unicorn Single Colour Wall Sticker - From £11.00

    Unicorn Jumping Wall Sticker

    Unicorn Jumping Wall Sticker - From £11.00

    Colourful Unicorn Wall Sticker

    Colourful Unicorn Wall Sticker - From £12.00


    3. Unicorn Wallpaper Murals

    A wallpaper mural is by far the most impressive way to bring unicorns into your home or nursery. If you live with a unicorn lover - and that might be you - then the biggest way to make a magical impact is to dedicate a whole wall to your favourite thing. Perhaps the best thing about our unicorn wallpaper murals is they’re made to your own custom dimensions. So don’t worry if your wall is tiny or gigantic - we’ll print it to your own dimensions. Our wallpaper murals are also waterproof so they should stand the test of time - just like our fabulous unicorns.

    Worried you’re not the best DIYer or decorator? There’s no need to worry at all - our wallpaper murals are super easy to fit, and you can choose whether you’d prefer to paste the wall or the paper. An instruction guide and wallpaper paste is included and if the worst happens and you damage a panel then we’re more than happy to replace it for you.

    Tempted but not sure? We can send you a free sample to touch, feel and see before ordering your final design. If you’d like to see some designs as samples these can be printed and delivered to you for a small charge - which is refunded when you order your full wallpaper mural.

    Fairy tale unicorn Wall Mural Wallpaper

    Fairy tale unicorn Wall Mural Wallpaper - £26.00 Per m2

    Unicorn outside of a castle Wall Mural Wallpaper

    Unicorn outside of a castle Wall Mural Wallpaper - £26.00 Per m2

    Unicorns and White Daisies Wall Mural Wallpaper

    Unicorns and White Daisies Wall Mural Wallpaper - £26.00 Per m2

    So what’s your favourite? If you’re still looking for more magical unicorn inspiration you can browse our full range of unicorn wall art here and if you’d like to request a sample or find out more please do get in touch.