When you’re about to embark on a home upgrade project, the walls are a perfect place to start. After all, they set the tone of an entire room’s aesthetic appeal. If you want your home’s interior design to tell a story, contemporary wallpaper is the ideal solution.

Contemporary wallpaper goes beyond a single colour or pattern, injecting excitement and energy into the rooms. Furthermore, it’s a fast, easy, and affordable solution to your home upgrade needs. However, you can only reap those rewards when you make the right selection.

Our guide will help you consider all of the key points so that you make the right decision for your home. Here’s all you need to know.

What Makes A Successful Selection?

Before looking at the latest contemporary texture wallpaper and pattern wallpaper designs, it’s important to gain a clear understanding of what you need from the product. The following checklist should serve you well;

Does the contemporary wallpaper evoke a positive emotional reaction? 😊

Does the contemporary wallpaper boost the home’s appeal?🏠

Does the contemporary wallpaper fit your budget limitations?💰

Does the contemporary wallpaper feel like a practical option?🛋

Does the contemporary wallpaper reflect the personality of your household?🎨

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, the wallpaper is likely to be a good choice for your home. To make the perfect selection, though, you’ll need all of the factors to be tailored to suit the individual properties of your property.

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Contemporary Wallpaper

Making the right preparations is the only way you’ll reach the best conclusion during the wallpaper-hunting process, and there are a number of key elements to consider. Focus on these five steps, and you won’t go far wrong:

Step One: Think About The Size Of The Room

Whether it’s a patterned design or a textured design, your contemporary wallpaper needs to provide a practical solution. With this in mind, choosing an option that respects and suits the size of the room is absolutely vital.

Larger rooms, as well as rooms that are blessed with a lot of natural lighting, can embrace contemporary wallpaper designs that boast complicated patterns or use dark coloured textures such as dark wood tones.

Conversely, rooms that have smaller physical dimensions or do not get a lot of natural lighting will need extra support to feel bigger and avoid cramped and claustrophobic vibes. Therefore, you can choose light coloured textures such as marble patterned wall murals or white stone wall murals. Alternatively, if you opt for a patterned style, you’ll want to stick to designs with only a few colours and shapes rather than the complicated options.

It’s not all about the square footage, either. You must also take the shape of the room into account while also thinking about any furniture (particularly bulky pieces) that will eat away at the floor space. Even a physically large room will lose its spacious appeal if you fill it with bulky furniture and then use a dark and complex wallpaper.

Step Two: Consider The Amount Of Wall Space Being Covered

Wallpapering the whole room is an option, but a large number of modern homes opt for an approach in which the wallpaper is used to create a feature wall. Alternatively, you may decide to cover two joining walls for an L-shape that is covered. Meanwhile, alcoves and other layout quirks will pose a few questions too. Either way, knowing how much space is to be covered is essential.

Contemporary wallpaper can be made to measure, giving you full control over the situation. However, there are several features to consider. A mural that includes a single image, such as tiger-striped fur is probably best as a single pattern on a single wall rather than repeated as a tile effect across several walls.


The volume of space to be covered will have a huge impact on the overall cost, which may limit your options. If you are opting to use contemporary wallpaper as a feature wall, it’s also necessary to think about the colours used on the other walls Otherwise, it could stick out badly rather than in a positive manner.

Of course, some rooms will suit a panoramic view by having contemporary wallpaper on all of the walls, or at least three of them. Ultimately, this will be a personal preference, but it’s vital that you find a suitable option.

Step Three: Think About Styling Within The Room

Choosing the perfect wallpaper turns the blank canvas into the foundation of a beautiful home. However, the final design covers the other key elements, such as flooring, furniture, and furnishings. Essentially, while the walls are a crucial aspect of the room, they need to fit into the overall aesthetic.

If you have wood tables, you may wish to find a contemporary wallpaper boasting a natural design. Or if you have a lot of marble features, it’s important to consider this when finding a wallpaper that will make the look pop. This does not mean, however, that you need to match a mural to the flooring and furniture.

Creating a beautiful wall is one thing, but you also need to consider the function of the room. A living room will have a different requirement to a bedroom or kitchen. Conversely, a home gym can embrace styles like the boxing mural.

Whichever room you are trying to upgrade, it’s important to remember that you are building a functional home rather than a showroom. As long as you keep this in mind, you should stay on the right track towards selecting a suitable solution for the home.

Step Four: Appreciate The Longevity

While the fundamental features of home design do not change, the interior design trends and possibilities evolve at a rapid rate. While some homeowners are happy to choose an option that simply looks good today (particularly those that are preparing to sell), others will focus on timeless looks and designs. There is no single right or wrong option, but you do need to give this element careful consideration.

Contemporary wallpaper that boasts a brickwork design, for example, are likely to be less influenced by the changing annual trends than wallpapers that show fabrics or digital imagery. In addition to yearly changes, you should consider the seasonal vibes. There’s little point in having a contemporary wallpaper that you will love in summer if you hate it for the other nine months of the year.

Your requirements and design tasted may also change as life situations progress. Becoming a parent, for example, can influence what looks good in your living room and dining room spaces. So, it’s important to take responsibility and acknowledge what might happen in the future. Then again, you shouldn’t sacrifice your immediate tastes either.

Whichever design you choose, you’ll want to know that the durability properties are up to scratch too. Nobody wants to feel forced into replacing wallpaper after just one year due to worn and tired appearances.

Step Five: Consider Consistency Throughout The Home

Creating a great looking room is one thing, but building a happy home environment is where you will find the true key to success. Establishing a level of consistency throughout the property is unquestionably the most significant step to consider. A disjointed look can make the home feel incomplete while also establishing new obstacles in the bid to relax.

Conversely, when a consistent design flows through the home, small homes can feel bigger. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose the exact same wallpaper or colour scheme across every room. However, going from a red pattern straight into a dark blue, for example, can feel odd. Likewise, putting a marble-themed dining room next to a forest-themed lounge can have a negative impact.

If the contemporary wallpaper is being used as a feature wall, it makes sense to keep the feature wall in the same place throughout the property. So, if the east-facing wall is designated as the feature wall in the lounge, the bedroom directly above it should follow suit. Otherwise, the contrasts can impact the final aesthetic.

Above all else, taking this approach makes the process of building a home far easier as you’ll have a platform in place to guide you in the design of each room. Remember that consistency is king when upgrading your home for optimal results.

Other Things To Consider

As well as weighing up the pros and cons of any specific contemporary wallpaper style, there are a number of other features that should influence your final decision, not least because they will inevitably impact the outcome for your home.

Perhaps one of the most significant decisions is whether to take a DIY approach to installations or have it fitted by an expert. There’s no single right or wrong answer, but it should be noted that a poor installation will stop you from enjoying the many rewarding aspects of contemporary wallpaper. Lucky our wallpaper come with a step by step instructions and are simple to hang whether you choose to do it yourself or bring in the professionals!

The Final Word

Contemporary wallpaper is one of the most popular choices on the market right now, especially as there are so many options to suit homeowners of all personal tastes and preferences. Now that you know what to consider before investing in your next interior design upgrade, finding the best answer should be easy.

And once you do, it’ll signal a huge step towards turning your dream home into a reality.