One of the biggest ways that you can make a statement, is with a picture. Images convey so many things compared to ordinary text, and a picture that has been well-designed can tell you thousands of things that text cannot. In the same way, wall murals can be used to communicate new ideas, whether you have one in the workplace or at home. In businesses, owners use wall murals to convey beauty in their workspace, to highlight their brand and to make people feel like they are somewhere that they want to be. In the home, though, wall murals are more than a statement. They are a reflection of you and your personality, and they tell people a lot about you. Plus, with the right choice, they make your home look fantastic.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your living room or sprucing up the kids’ bedrooms, then you may be surprised at how effective wall murals can look. They’re made to measure the wall in question, so you never have to worry about whether there will be gaps around the edge of the room that stand out. 

Instant transformations are so much more fun than going out to find fifty shades of grey! They aren’t just for the home, either. Wall murals are excellent additions to any office or business to make it more of a unique space to enjoy.

If you plan to add a wall mural to the office, then you’re going to be doing so with the purpose of drawing in new customers or impressing existing clients. Wall murals have the capacity to be a talking point, so if you have a flashy beach scene splashed on the wall of your breakout meeting room, then you’re likely to make people feel at ease when they are there. Wall murals have the power to evoke powerful emotions - depending on which you get, of course. To have them in the office as part of your branding strategy is just a smart way to go. Promotional materials are designed to draw people in and attract attention and a wall mural in your office is going to be a conversation piece. You can’t imagine how effective a wall mural can be for gaining new business until you’ve tried it and seen the results for yourself. You don’t even have to get a wall mural that shows your brand: the fact you have one at all is going to impress people.

In this article, we’re going to talk you through both wall murals for your business, and wall murals for your home, and we’re going to dive in a little deeper with what they’re for and why you should absolutely have yours from Canvas Art Rocks. Shall we take a look?

Types Of Wall Murals

It’s difficult to know where to start with murals for the walls in your home. Should you have just one? Will one in every room be a little much? Where can you find something unique? You can have wall stickers, of course, to break up a plain colour in a room, but it’s not going to have the same impact as a wallpaper mural could. Wall murals are - quite simply - large images that are directly applied to a wall, whether wallpaper or paint. They can even be used for the ceiling, which makes the Space themed wallpaper murals at Canvas Art Rocks a popular one for children’s bedrooms.


Other than the opportunity to add colour to your walls, murals can give you a lovely aura in your space.There are thousands of wall murals that you can choose from and it all depends on your personal needs/taste as to which you want to use.

Wall murals are an excellent way to add some extra dimension to a room, and as most of them are easy to put up and take down without damaging the walls, you can really achieve a new effect to your home. Adding a magical atmosphere to the space is so much easier with wallpaper murals than anything else.

What To Look For In A Wall Mural

When you shop for your wallpaper mural with Canvas Art Rocks, you need to think about what would be right for your home or business. There are certain things that you should be looking for when it comes to shopping for wallpaper murals for your home and first you need to think about the room in which it will be installed. The wallpaper mural that you choose for the living room is going to differ from the one that you choose for the bedroom.

No matter what you do, look for an engaging, beautiful piece that will really make your home look stunning. A wallpaper mural on the inside of your business adds an engaging, creative and appealing piece of artwork that gives your brand something different to others. It creates a talking point, and it’s an excellent way to get people to remember you when they come to visit your business, too. It gives people pause. When they see a beautiful wall mural up, they pause and take it in. Wherever you choose to showcase your mural, always make sure that it’s of a high quality and has been measured to fit the wall. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing new wallpaper murals for the home or business, and the outcome is always a professional one. 

 Think about how a wallpaper mural is going to reflect your home or business before you invest, and think about the purpose behind your design. It’s only after all of these considerations you should look at the budget you have, our website takes your exact measurements and generates a unique price based on the size of your wall! 

How To Choose A Wall Mural

It’s easy to decide you want a wallpaper mural for your home, but it’s not easy to decide which one you should go for, not when there are so many options! If your home is lacking definition and visual interest, or you’re worrying as to whether or not you’ve chosen the right paint colours, then you should think about changing it. No one wants to walk into any room in their home or business and feel like their room is lacking something. Each room should make you smile, not make you feel like something is missing. A wall mural is an excellent addition to your interior design scheme, as they can instantly dress up the walls with one simple application.

Wallpaper murals can enhance the look of any room in your home or business, but the trick is in choosing the right one for your home. Don’t go overboard, choosing a theme that sticks out like a sore thumb. If your whole house is in a modern, contemporary style that embraces the pastel colour schemes, the “Inside A Spaceship” wallpaper mural isn’t going to look right. Think of a wallpaper mural as a painting as a larger scale - choosing one with too much design can look loud, busy and stand out in the worst possible way. You need to choose the wallpaper mural that will suit your design sensibilities. 

It should be the focal point of the room, the stand-out feature. But it should also be a part of the interior decor and blend in, not clash horrendously and make you regret your decision. Here are a few tips on choosing your new wall mural;

Consider The Scale 📏

The first thing that you need to consider when you are choosing your wall murals is the scale of the design. The dimensions of the room really matter as a small space can look smaller with the introduction of a dark wallpaper mural. Go for a lighter design on one wall, rather than four walls covered in different patterns and wallpaper murals. The lighter, simpler wallpaper murals suit a smaller space, while the bigger, busier patterns can look good in a bigger space. A smaller room can’t handle too many details, with the design overwhelming it if so.It is also super important to ensure you have the correct measurements as we custom make these to fit your wall perfectly!

Consider The Decor 🛋

Think about the room in which you hope to install your wall mural. The one you would choose for the children is going to be different from the one you would choose for your bedroom. Serene, soft and gentle colours suit the nursery, while a huge world map wallpaper mural can be the best option for your children’s playroom. Landscapes and seascapes work exceptionally well for your bedroom, as they can be calming and serene to look at. Guest bedrooms may look better with an abstract design. Your business? Well, Banksy has a place there, and Canvas Art Rocks has all of these designs for sale!

Match Your Style 🎨

Wallpaper murals should go with the decorating style of the rest of the house. You should consider that if your home is modern and minimalistic, then a large and ornate wallpaper mural is likely going to stick out like a sore thumb. Clean and contemporary wall murals will work really well in a modern space, and in a shabby chic environment, a field of flowers would suit very well.

Where Will It Go? 🏠

When you want to buy a wallpaper mural for your space, you need to think about where it’s going to go. You don’t need the giant wall murals in the living room if you’re going to have a feature wall, but you do need to furniture match and think about the room as a whole. Narrow down the mood of the space, and add the wall mural to match. The games room or parlour can have a wallpaper mural that is fun and enhances the space. The room in which you relax the most could have a lowkey and calming wallpaper mural instead of a loud one.

Murals engage your friends, your guests and even you. Keep wallpaper murals for the rooms where people are going to see it. It may not be worth having in a laundry room, for example, as no one will be able to see it in there!

What’s It For? 🤔

Most people get a wallpaper mural to make a room look better and choose a new way to decorate the space. You’d be in the right place to choose which mural you want if you knew what it was for. Wallpaper murals serve very different purposes depending on the room in which you put it, but generally a wallpaper mural is going to give you a feeling of satisfaction every time you walk into the room it’s in. A mural in a children’s room is going to ignite their imagination with the things that they are interested in the most. You’re going to be able to give them an immersive experience when you cover all the walls in space murals or with aquatic life scenery. When they’re in an environment that excites the, they’re going to feel inspired to imagine new games and new things to do.

Some children prefer the simpler designs, too, and if you are thinking about adding a mural into the office, you need to dig deep about what people would want to see. Will your office staff really want to see the ocean and the beach? Or would they want to see a pattern similar to the Old Dark Blue Wall that Canvas Art Rocks has on offer? A wallpaper mural for your business can really transform the space, inspire your staff and give clients something to remember you by.

Choosing your wall mural is going to take a little time. There are so many options out there that you won’t want to get it wrong and you may feel completely spoilt for choice. Giving your home more colour, more style and more finesse is going to make you feel uplifted, excited and happy whenever you see it! Colourful wall murals that stand out give your home or business a unique spirit and it’s hard to garner that same emotion from a standard lick of paint on the walls.

Why Have A Wallpaper Mural?

If you haven't figured out why you need to choose a wallpaper mural by now, then we’re doing a pretty poor job of explaining how amazing they truly are! Either way, we’ve put together some of the best reasons you should have a wallpaper mural on the walls;

They’re Eye-Catching



The size alone is usually enough to grab your attention and make you gasp, but the thing about wallpaper murals is that they trump the ordinary paintings and wall stickers you can buy. They unapologetically demand your attention, and they make your image really pop.

They Make A Statement

They’re unique. What unique decor item doesn't make a statement? Going bold is important and when you use them throughtfully, they’ll excite you for a long time. Your business using a wallpaper mural can really get your clients talking. You’ll always be that business with the Banksy vibe!

They Can Boost Your Revenue


If you choose to add wallpaper murals to your meeting rooms or your workspace, you’re going to drive up the revenue that you are earning. Bold, bright images invite people in, they inspire your workers and they lead people to buy more from you.

You Can Use Them Anywhere

Other than the obvious store cupboards and laundry rooms, wallpaper murals aren’t just limited to the walls in the living room or the sales floor of a business. Add some to the ceiling of your bedroom and look into the stars while you relax. Add a forest scape to the lobby of your business so that you can add a little nature to an otherwise modern area.


They’re More Efficient


Does anyone really want to spend hours slogging over getting paint on the walls? No, because this can take days to complete. Drying time is also a factor when it comes to painting a wall, and yet with Canvas Art Rocks, our wallpaper murals are efficiently and easily installed. Every single one comes with an instruction leaflet and the right paste, so that you can get your new wallpaper mural on the wall in no time at all.

They Show Your Personality

The walls on the inside of your home or business are your best canvas to showcase your personality and your style. The right mural wallpaper applied to your walls gives you the ultimate chance to express yourself. Customising your wallpaper murals to suit your taste is one of the best ways to really benefit your home. If you love the outdoors, bring it inside with farm murals that show fields and horses. If you want that exposed brick look for your kitchen but you can’t achieve it naturally, then a red brick wall texture is going to be the best option for you. Think about it - you can achieve any look that you like with the right mural!

It’s A Unique Option


We’re willing to bet that no one in your direct circle of friends or family has a wallpaper mural. Not because our murals aren’t popular - let’s face it, they are - it’s because not everyone considers the possibilities that wallpaper murals can offer. People who choose to add wallpaper murals to their home are a part of the minority of those who are a little more unique and creative with their homes. 

They Can Be Inspiring

It’s so hard to get up in the morning and get motivated sometimes, but when you wake up to beautiful scenery at the end of the bed, it’s easier to get up and go for the day. This way, your day starts with a little inspiration rather than heavy and tired. The outstanding landscape imagery that you can add to your room is going to transform it - that much is clear. But this can only happen with a wallpaper mural on the walls. You won’t get that immediate effect from a lick of paint or conventional wallpaper.

Stylish & Quirky

You can be all about style and class and invest in some exciting wallpaper mural options that will knock your socks off. There is no looking normal or boring when you have wallpaper murals in the home to look unique. Your only limit for your wallpaper mural choices is yourself. You can really choose from a variety of designs that make you feel uplifted, especially the quirkier options out there. When you do get bored of your style, or you grow out of it, you can just peel it back and stick on a new one!

Choosing to give your home a new look or a personal touch is so much easier when you choose wallpaper murals. The best bit is that you can install them yourself, and not worry about having to call in the professionals.

Our Wall Murals

With Canvas Art Rocks, you get a huge variety of wallpaper murals that simply look fantastic. We can’t boast too much, because our wallpaper murals speak for themselves. You can transform your walls with beautiful wallpaper murals and no matter your design ideas, it’s likely we’ll have an option for you. Sports murals and space wallpaper aside, we’ve also got contemporary patterns, textured marble or bark and even magic fairy castles for the kids! 

Every single one of our wallpaper murals are made to measure and are available in a range of paper styles, too. We deliver for free to any UK address, and no matter how much you order you won’t have to pay a penny for it. Some of the options for wallpaper murals with us include:

Premium Paste The Wall

This comes on a smooth, matt, non-woven wallpaper that enhances rich and vibrant tones. These are supplied with wallpaper paste, and the panels are hung edge to edge to create the mural you want. This is a high quality wallpaper that’s easy to work with.

Premium Pre-Pasted

When you want a depth of colour that enhances vibrancy in the tones of the colour. Immersing this wallpaper in water activates the dry, pre-pasted glue, which makes it the same consistency as paste and easy to hang on the walls.

Peel & Stick

This is a polyester wallpaper fabric that has a removable glue back that is perfect for the bespoke wallpaper options. There is a high opacity coating that reduces show-through from coloured backgrounds. Remove, reposition and redo without damaging the wall or leaving a residue. It won’t rip, it won’t wrinkle and you can even use a damp cloth to clean it as it’s waterproof.

Size Matters

One of the positives about buying with us is that you can customise your order to fit your situation. Your room size matters and we will ensure that your mural fits your room.  A wallpaper mural will offer you the best impact if it’s a full one. It’ll also give you the best value for money possible. This is one case where size matters, as you want it to fit the edges of the room perfectly, not overlap or require further cutting. You want drama and magic and a full wallpaper mural can offer you just that.

What Image Do You Want to Use?

At Canvas Art Rocks, we offer hundreds of wallpaper murals to choose from, from Banksy prints to brick, space themes to farmyard animals for children. Think about what you want to see in your home and choose from there.

Perhaps you want to remember that fantastic beach you once sat on? or maybe you want to immerse yourself in nature and use the images of a forest. Perhaps you want to enjoy some abstract art - no matter what, we have something that’ll work for you and your home or business.

If you want some help choosing the perfect wall mural for your home, let us know. We can help you to choose! Canvas Art Rocks is all about the experience and you need to pick the right designs for you. See what we have on offer today and you could be well on your way to making your home look fantastic!