Do you love Banksy? Active since the 1980’s Banksy is a popular British street artist and political activist. Despite being active since the ’80s the identity of this remarkable creator is still unknown. Banksy's pieces combine dark humour and epigrams with a distinct stencilling technique. While some of his creations are more debated and abstract, others have a clear message that is impossible to miss. If you adore Banksy Art, you might be interested in bringing it into your home. 

Well, now you can in a completely extraordinary way. Rather than adding a Banksy print to the wall of your home, why not select one of our stunning Banksy Cushions

Banksy Cushions

Our luxury suede cushions have a gorgeous high quality print finish for excellent colour reproduction.Add one of Banksy’s most memorable pieces to create a truly unique home decor piece! You can choose from pieces with political statements to more light-hearted options that reference pop culture such as Star Wars or the Simpsons. There are hundreds of examples of his work to choose from. 

Make A Statement  ❗️

Regardless of which Banksy piece you choose for your luxury cushion, it will certainly make a statement in your home. Add a new talking piece or centre accessory that is sure to catch the attention of guests not only for its modern artistic value but also its super soft feel!

Banksy I'm Out Of Bed And Dressed Cushion

Affordable For Any Home 💰

At Canvas Art Rocks we believe anyone should be able to have a luxury product that provides a beautiful piece of artwork for a fair price. There are so many great choices here and they are all priced to match your budget. You can also select the perfect size that will match your needs. As such, you can find a cushion that is going to suit a variety of different furniture options whether it is for the bedroom, living room or wherever you choose to display it!

Banksy Cheetah Cushion

Preserve Banksy Pieces 🔒


Banksy Thomas the Tank Engine Cushion

It’s true to say that a number of the most popular Banksy pieces have been vandalised, painted over or destroyed. Some of these acts have been completed by competing artists while others were the work of a government agency. With our beautiful cushions, you can make sure that your favourite works of Banksy are preserved in your home and ensure that you can view your favourite piece every day. 

Soft, beautifully crafted and guaranteed to last, you won’t be disappointed when you select one of these stunning pillows for your home decor. 

After all, Banksy’s artwork is created to make a lasting impression. So shop it below across tons of different products: