Floral wallpaper has always been a statement piece throughout the years. If you take to Instagram or Pinterest for your home decor inspiration flowers or eucalyptus are sure to appear. So venture into Botanical Wallpaper, new for 2021 these trendy wallpaper murals will have your walls transformed into modern feature walls and add a new leash of life to your space. With thousands of beautiful wallpaper images added, there is no better time than now to have a home makeover and give your space the fresh feeling it needs. Our modern botanical wallpaper range is all printed and cut to fit your wall exactly, creating a custom wallpaper mural unique to your wall. These beautiful wallpaper murals can transform a room in minutes, are easy to apply and available in a range of wallpaper styles.

 Botanical Wallpaper

It has been scientifically proven the working around plants increases productivity and improves mood, so a leafy wallpaper is a great option for a home office or somewhere to relax like your living room. But leaf art can be super trendy, combining neutral backgrounds with muted green tones for a calming wall paper. These simple leaf wallpaper murals are easy to match the rest of your decor to without being lost or looking boring. Opt for tropical wallpaper with these stunning monstera leaf images to make your own banana leaf wallpaper and create calm in your space.

Monstera Leaf Wallpaper - Leafy Wallpaper Or add a splash of colour with a neon wallpaper with bright colours like this one! These quirky images are eye-catching and are sure to get your guest talking as well as bringing some energy to your rooms. Bright colours are known to invigorate and motivate so this makes them a great choice when having a home makeover. Not only are these bright and energising, tropical wallpaper can liven up any room all year round. 

Monstera Leaf Wallpaper - Neon Wallpaper

 Combine simple colours with our eucalyptus leave wall murals, a toned down take on abstract art that fits perfectly in with your decor without distracting from the other aspects of the space. Eucalyptus leaves are massively popular at the minute with people like Stacey Soloman incorporating them into her home where she can! These again are part of our leaf wall art range to bring the outside in and add a touch of nature to your home in a muted sophisticated way. Our Botanical wallpaper designs are a perfect fit for your decor this summer and will breathe a new lease of life into your space.

Leaf Wallpaper

Pampas grass has hit the world of interior design like a ton of bricks. Every home you see on Instagram will feature pampas grass somewhere in their house. But why deal with the stress of trying to find the right stem size or fluffing them up when you can add it as a feature wall. With neutral colours, pampas grass art is easy to incorporate into your space without being too vibrant or overwhelming. These stunning neutral prints fit perfectly with tonal decor and add pampas grass decor to your room in a sleek but different way. From simplistic pampas grass stems to our close up pampas grass art, there are lots of options to choose from to include these popular stems in your space.

 Create wow factor with a Pampas Grass Wallpaper and create a stand out feature wall which is super on trend. Modern interior design is swaying towards neutral colour palettes and minimalist decor which makes these a great way to add a focal point to your space without cluttering it up.

Pampas Grass Decor - Custom Wallpaper

If you liked these botanical wallpaper mural you can shop them all here and also check them out across our other product ranges. From stunning Monstera Split Canvas to Fluffy Pampas Grass Framed Prints, there are tons of ways to incorporate this exclusive trendy Botanical Art into your home with our collections:

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